Wednesday 30 November 2016

The end of #NaBloWriMo 2016

So this is the last night of #NaBloWriMo 2016.  I will take a moment to reflect on the process..

Things that were tough...

  1. Writing. Every. Day.  I was often writing late at night and I am VERY tired.
  2. There were some days I just could not think of anything of substance to write. 
  3. Not knowing if I had an audience.
  4. Feeling comfortable putting out my vulnerabilities for others to critique. 

Things I love...
Grandpa & me...picture #1

  1. Growing my PLN.
  2. Having the posts to look back on and use as resources
  3. Doing it!  I am proud that I actually stuck to it.
So, today is brief...I would love to elaborate but my Grandpa passed away and it has been a long few days.

Until next post....which will come...and #NaBloWriMo 2017

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