Thursday 3 November 2016

Fun (but sort of useless) tip from T-Dub

Today at work my colleague Trevor showed me two neat-o tricks I wanted to share.

1) Google Docs formatting - in fairness this is Sultan's trick but since Trevor taught me he gets credit.

If you copy and paste something into a Google Doc using CMD+V (on a mac) it imports with the original source's formatting.  To adjust the formatting to match the formatting in your document hold down CMD+Shift+V.  Voilá - formatting matched.

2) Sending iMessages with effects

image from:
Did you know you can spice up your iMessages with lasers, balloons, and other fun features?   How you ask? Compose a message and instead of hitting the blue up arrow, hold it.  A list of features will appear!  You can change the background to fireworks or make the message appear gently.  The whole list is here.

Happy formatting!  :)

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