Monday 14 November 2016

Be careful of changes! Form Mule, Autocrat, etc.

Thanks to Trevor Beck in the EdTechTeam Global Community on G+ for the heads up....

"Changes by Google are going to mess up formMule, Autocrat and other add-ons

It appears that Google has recently made a change to the field that automatically collects email addresses, changing it from <<username>> to <<Email Address>>. As formMule and Autocrat basically create merge messages, it’s still looking for <<username>> and will generate an error in the send status column (e.g. Error: Invalid email: undefined). 

To fix this you'll need to go through all of your spreadsheets and edit your templates..."

Sure enough, my team has been affected while we get really excited about the new Google Form features (upload files!  Woot Woot!) be sure to check that your old loves are not affected.


  1. My errors are affected when more than one email is used in the <>. One email is fine, but two or more with commas get kicked. Any ideas?