Sunday 27 November 2016

Become a GSuite Wizard

About a month ago, I was asked to do some PD in the last hour of a Friday PD day.  I knew the topic was great and important, but I also knew that the audience would be fried from a long week, in a long month.  I was struggling with how I would present this topic and get buy in when it dawned on me...I needed to let the learners control their own learning.  Moreover, I needed to give them tools that would guide them, but that they could come back to at a time when they were more fresh.  

Taking a page from the HyperDoc Bootcamp I did earlier in the fall, I decided to to create a Multimedia Text Set (MMTS).  This curation of links to videos, infographics, docs, slide decks, etc, is now a rich resource I share often.  It offers the learner a place to go to hone skills, and come in at different entry points.  I have a section for general tips and hacks, beginner, intermediate, and expert tips for each app, and an area for experts.  I add to it often and it has become a great primer for the GSuite (imho).  There is a link below; feel free to explore and learn.

Have a look at the MMTS here

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  1. Jen this is AWESOME! I've shared it with people I work with and I will be sharing this on an upcoming episode of the House of #EdTech!