Tuesday 22 November 2016

Reaching your Audience

In my role, I often feel like I have so much knowledge to share, but so little time to share it since I have so many teachers to support.  I have this blog, but I have not shared it with my schools at large. I have twitter, but not all teachers are on twitter...though they should be.  I thought about creating a G+ community, but not everyone checks that regularly...and notifications are often turned off.  I had yet to find a solution, until now.

I was listening to podcasts (as always) on the way to work a couple of days ago and the speaker was talking about using Remind to push information out to the system.  It suddenly dawned on me that I could do this.  Since we are a GSuite for education district, I have decided to use Google Classroom. Since many teachers use Classroom, I think this vehicle will see a lot of traffic.  I am not totally sure how I am going to use it yet (please leave suggestions in the comments) but here are some initial thoughts.

  1. Push out operation items via announcements about relevant tech and modern learning PD.
  2. Share documents of interest - resources, learning materials, etc.
  3. Post articles that might inspire and advance rich pedagogy
It is a start...now to sit down and get it done...

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