Thursday 17 November 2016

Quick tip for making groups

At the Toronto GAFE Summit in October, I sat in on the workshops of the very talented Jeffrey Heil.  In one session he should us a cool, easy way to make groups.  He had us fill out a form like the one to the left. This form was different from your standard form in two ways:
1)  The question about one's name was the second last question.
2) The last question just seemed like a silly, just for fun question.  In this case, it was "What animal bet represents your personality": 

It seemed innocent and fun enough.

Once everyone completed the form, he opened the associated Google Sheet (with the responses) and sorted by the column with the chosen animal.  Suddenly, he had a list with the animals sorted with people's names beside it since that was the preceeding question (no need to freeze columns).  Instant groups!  Moreover, everyone had a little pride in their group because they were all Precocious Pig (or whichever they picked)!

It was simple, but really made me see the power of forms in another way.

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