Monday 13 April 2020

7 Google Classroom Tips for Teachers

In this time of Emergency Remote Learning (I purposely call it that thanks for AJ Juliani's points in this blog post), many teachers are using Google Classroom more and more.  Some are comfortable with the tool, others are brand new.

If you are a Canadian educator and you are new to Google Classroom and want some FREE PD, check out EdTech Team Canada's Virtual Learning Series.  

For those who are familiar with Google Classroom and want a few pro tips - I have create a slide deck which has 7 Google Classroom tips for teachers including:

  1. Creating and accessing the Comments Bank, 
  2. Quickly Switching between student work when grading, 
  3. Annotating student work in the mobile app, 
  4. Tagging Students in comments, 
  5. Managing notifications (to free up your inbox!), 
  6. Adding audio instruction and feedback
  7. Adding video instructions!
Click the image below for the slide deck!

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