Tuesday 12 February 2019

Custom Headers in Google Classroom

About a month ago, Google announced a new material theme design for Google Classroom.  One of those updates included 78 new themes.

Now I love choice...but what I might like more is creating...and one thing I love to do in Google Classroom is to create custom headers for my classes!

In order to create your own header, you need a canvas that is 1600x400 pixels.  I tend to create mine in Google Drawings or Google Slides.  I even have a template you can use to make your own headers!

Instructions for use are embedded in the grey space, but a few things to note:
  1. When the link opens, click the blue Use Template button in the top right corner to make your own copy in your Drive.
  2. Make sure you zoom out (go to the magnifying glass on the toolbar) so you can see all the grey space.
  3. I have suggested some icons to use...you can find more easily by finding or creating transparent images (see my blog post on making your own or on finding ones that are made already)
  4. Remember to be digitally responsible!  Use pictures that are licensed for your use (check out this Pinterest board full of resources to find photos).
If you are looking to create other social media posts, check out this Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet.  (Thanks to the @BISDWiredTeam for making me aware of this!)

Happy Creating!


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