Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Making transparent images

Transparent images are great to use for slide decks, green screen activities, and more.

Do you need an image with a transparent background?  There are a few ways to do it that don't require you to know how to use Photoshop.

You can find images that already exist...

Google Images

  1. Go to Google and search 
  2. Click Tools (under the search bar on the right)
  3. Under the colour drop down, click Transparent.

You can also use a picture you already have (even one you have downloaded from the web) and use a web tool....


  1. Visit Photopea
  2. Click "open from computer"
  3. Use the eraser tool
  4. Save the photo

Note: This one works best when the background is a single colour.

  1. Visit Lunapic 
  2. Click "Upload" and upload a file
  3. Select "Edit" --> "Transparent Background"
  4. You can change the transparency on the slider to remove more or less

  1. Visit PhotoScisssors online
  2. Close the pop-up window asking you to download the app
  3. Click the "Upload Image" button
  4. Draw green lines over what you want to keep
  5. Draw red lines over what you want to remove

Remove BG
Note: This one only works on pictures of people!  

  1. Go to Remove.bg
  2. Click "Select a photo"...that's it!!

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