Tuesday, 12 February 2019

The 4Cs and Friendmojis

Last month I went out for a bite to eat with a former student of mine, Diana.  I love catching up with former students to see how they are growing up to become incredible young adults.  I love it, even more, when they teach me something new.  She texted me this...

...and I was like...how did you get my Bitmoji and put it together with yours?!  Turns out it is called a Friendmoji (insert old person #GenerationGap joke).  She explained that if you have the Bitmoji keyboard on your phone, you can add these by clicking the little double face on the right side of the Bitmoji search bar.  Very fun!

Cut to today.  Sylvia Duckworth has a great, creative workshop all about making comics with Bimojis.  It is really fun.  She was looking to level it up. We are part of a Google Hangout Group called Maple Syrup EDU...a group full of amazing, talented, helpful Canadian educators.  We communicate in this group often - and Syl turned to the group to collaborate and generate ideas. 
So we did some critical thinking and here was how it went:
  • I shared Friendmojis..and it seemed like a solution until we realised that you need to be Snapchat friends with the other person...and we don't all have Snapchat - and a lot of schools have it blocked.
  • Chris Webb shared a doc (see shot on the right) that a student had created wherein she had created a whole bunch of different emojis to create a story...but that took making a whole bunch of email accounts and Bitmojis.
  • Jonathan So suggested using your own account and just changing it up, but that seemed a little labour intensive.
  • We all wondered if it could work with the Bitmoji Chrome extension.  It couldn't.
  • Then, Michelle Armstrong did some digging and found a Friendmoji creator!  It creates Friendmojis with just the link of two bitmoji - links that can be retrieved from the Bitmoji Chrome Extension!  #WIN!
Huge High 5 to Michelle Armstrong!

Michelle then leveled it up and created this Google Sheet to make the process easy.
  1. From your Bitmoji Chrome Extension, copy the image URL for any Bitmoji
  2. Paste that in the Friend 1 column (Column C)
  3. Ask a friend for the image URL for their Bitmoji. Paste that into the Friend 2 column (Column D)
  4. Watch the magic happen with some clever functions (like =MID). Column A will have the link you need to get this:
Me and my Friendmoji Darren Maltais

So now, we have a fun way to create...thanks to some good old fashion comminication, criticial thinking and collaboration!  Oh Canada! 


  1. Do you know if the friendmoji google sheet still works? I have used it before, but now that I would like to create some new ones, all I get is broken picture boxes.

    1. That's because the server address is different. If your Picture URL starts with sdk, change the friend code to =MID(C3,75,36) rather then =MID(C3,77,36)... It will start working again.

    2. THANK YOU so much for knowing how to fix this!!

    3. Hi,
      What do you mean change the friend code? Mine is getting the same thing, broken boxes with no pictures.

    4. Hi just went to a great workshop to use this and mine is the same problem.....what is the friend code and where do I find it? Thanks

    5. It's the code under the Magic ID Friend 1 and Magic ID Friend 2. Just did it and it worked for me.

  2. Very beautiful from start to finish, especially your wit

  3. I don't see the friend code as listed either. how do i fix it?

  4. I tried both =MID(C3,75,36) and =MID(C3,77,36), neither seem to be working. Is the Friendsmoji Generator site still working?

  5. Hi,
    Wen I'm accessing the google sheet I put links of both friends and open the magic link. Mine is getting broken boxes with no pictures.