Thursday, 8 November 2018

Explore Indigenous Lands with

The Tool

About the Tool
Native land is a mostly crowd-sourced map tracking information about indigenous land across the Americas and Australia.  To use the tool, you simply type in an address and, powered by Google Maps, you are “taken” to that place in the world with all Colonial markings removed (no streets, landmarks, etc.). There are links on the left-hand side that guide you to information about Indigenous peoples, territories, and language of the land.

How to Use the Tool
  1. Go to
  2. Click the disclaimer
  3. Type in an address
  4. Explore the linked resources.

Why I like it
In this time of truth and reconciliation, I like how I can learn about land from a perspective that has otherwise been unknown to me - the kind of learning I don’t see in traditional textbooks or classrooms.

Three uses in education
  1. Support work around Truth and Reconciliation
  2. Personalize the land acknowledgment, especially in areas with which you might not be familiar.
  3. Learn about maps without “westernized” markings - great for learning and discussion.

This post is part of my annual NaBloWriMo exercise wherein I  write a blog post every work day in November.

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