Monday, 12 November 2018

Being mindful with the Calm App

The Tool

About the Tool
Calm is a mindfulness and meditation app.  It offers sleep stories, music for meditation, deep breathing exercises, etc.  This school year they began offering every teacher in the world free access to Calm.  Their aim is to empower teachers with mindfulness tools and resources they can use to help kids learn to be mindful.

How to Use the Tool
Fill in the form to receive your free access code
Download the app and enter your code
Open the app and begin feeling calm

Why I like it
The world is a busy place.  I think the pace at which we move it going to have long-term effects on us...and not necessarily in a good way.  There are so many children who feel overwhelmed and don’t have the tools to find peace and balance. Moreover, teachers don’t necessarily have the knowledge to help students find balance.  This tool can really help us all.

Three uses in education
Calm can be used to help students who are in an escalated state de-escalate.
Play the mindful music during high-stress times like tests or exams
Use the stretching feature in Phys Ed

This post is part of my annual NaBloWriMo exercise wherein I  write a blog post every work day in November.


  1. An eye-opener! This app has been circulating the internet recently on some social media applications such as Instagram. Unfortunately the digital space has been flooded for with pages advertising applications or products. An ingenious idea but sometimes not what they claim to be (as always). But here I have found a corner of the digital world to access virtual tools and tips to expand my knowledge for a aspiring educator. I recently had my own discovery with applications and the fact that they are multi-modular in classrooms and as social tools. Calm has been rather eye opening to me as an app bogged down in marketing, it has a viable usage that I would not have seen, including the incorporation of the free code for schools! I went deeper into your page after seeing this post and found many posts on tips and tools I had long since forgotten about the online world such as hot keys or key combinations for fast actions! Returning to the application, do you feel this is a necessity for the classroom? Should it be used in light of a student mentioning their stress? Or, are you more recommending later in the year or semester once you've learned the intricacies of your students. Would love to hear back!

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