Monday 3 September 2018

VirtualGiff's Back to School Top 7 Google Tips - Day 7 - Making a File live in Two Places - SHIFT +Z!

Earlier this week, I decided to share one of my favourite tips every day for the seven days leading up to the new school year.  (See the full blog post here)  Here we go for day the final day - day 7.  Happy labour day - and have a great first day for those starting back to school tomorrow like me!

VirtualGiff’s Top 7 Google Tips

Note for Mac Users: When you see CTRL in this pot, use COMMAND instead - it will do the same thing.

I have a document I want in two folder but I don’t want to make a copy because then when I update I need to update in two places!

Tip #7 - Shift +Z t
You can have the SAME document be live in two places!  Simply go to the file in your drive single click the document title and then press CTRL +Z (at the same time).  You will get a pop up box with your Drive folders.  Drill down (or up) to the additional folder you want to add the file to and click the “Add here” button.  Any changes made to the file will be reflected when you access the file from wither folder.

Have a great first day back tomorrow!!

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