Wednesday, 1 May 2019

ARVR with Mistene Clapp

A few weeks ago I called out on Twitter asking people about AR/VR apps in the classroom.  I got some great recommendations. (I am still working on my listicle - promise!)

Coming to connect I really wanted to learn more in person.  Mistene Clapp gave a great presentation showcasing many apps for AR/VR in the classroom.  A few to check out include:

  • Quiver - colouring that comes to life
  • 3D Bear - AR app worth checking out
  • Curiscope Virtual-Tee - a t-shirt that lets you learn about the human body on a human body.
  • MergeCube - Dozens of kid-safe apps for AR gaming, learning and creativity 
  • Object viewer - use the Merge Cube to show 3D printed before you print!
  • Jigspace - Jig Workshop is the tool to create and share interactive, 3D knowledge for anything. 
Want more?  Check out: Mistene's slide deck

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  1. Looking forward to your listicle. I need to get back into this world. Here one my site I did last year, feel free to pilfer