Thursday, 2 May 2019

Apps with Jessi Lalonde

Jessi (@jessilalonde) took us through an A-Z look at apps we can use in Education.  It was fast paced and full of great info!  Jessi brought everything back to great pedagogical uses.  Some cool tips I took away

  • Her first slide was full of Scrabble tiles (see above) - each one was linked to the slide with the apps for that letter - VERY cute idea.
  • Save your favourite Bitmojis in Google Keep
  • Use Apple Clips to add closed captioning to videos - great for accessibility.
  • DriveTunes - a new extension to me - DriveTunes allows you to play .mp3 and .m4a audio files right from Google Drive.
  • She talked about ways to help student with executive functioning disorders keep organized with Google Keep - totally going home to do this with my son!
  • 57 North - a choose your own adventure app for your MergeCube.
  • Make challenges for students to become Chrome Kings - experts in areas of Chrome (or any app for that matter!)
See Jessi's slide deck at:

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