Monday 27 August 2018

VirtualGiff's Back to School Top 7 Google Tips - Day 1 - Opening An Accidentally Closed Tab

I am on my way to Thunder Bay (literally, I am writing this post on the airplane) to the EdTechTeam summit for the KOBE.  I am excited to be delivering one of my favourite session “Google Tips and Tricks”. I built it almost 2 years ago when I was asked to do some work with new teachers who had experience with Google but were looking to “level up” a little.  I love this session. The slide deck shares over 50 tips and tricks with all sorts of Google tools (Docs, Drive, Slide, Classroom, etc.)  I update it whenever I learn something new. I realised that some of these tips would make a great blog post and so - with the goal of blogging more (ideally once a week) this school year - I figure this would be a good start.  So in the 7 days leading up to back to school...I am going to share one of my favourite tips every day! Here we go….

VirtualGiff’s Top 7 Google Tips

Note for Mac Users: When you see CTRL in this pot, use COMMAND instead - it will do the same thing.

Help! I closed a tab in Chrome by accident!

TIP #1 - Opening closed tabes in Chrome

Simply press CTRL+ SHIFT+ T and it will open the last tabe you closed.  Continue to press CTRL+ SHIFT+ T and you will open the second last tab that was closed...and so on and so forth.

Photo courtesy of Alice Keeler


  1. Wow... this works in the Edge browser, too!

    1. And Firefox! (I'm not a keypress guy so never noticed... but this definitely will show up in "Learning In the Loo". Thanks!)