Thursday, 30 August 2018

VirtualGiff's Back to School Top 7 Google Tips - Day 4 - Images With No Background

Earlier this week, I decided to share one of my favourite tips every day for the seven days leading up to the new school year.  (See the full blog post here)  Here we go for day 4….

VirtualGiff’s Top 7 Google Tips

Note for Mac Users: When you see CTRL in this pot, use COMMAND instead - it will do the same thing.

I want an image without a background!

TIP #4 -
  1. Simply go to Google images and search for a photo.  
  2. Click Tools and a new set of options will appear below the search bar.  
  3. One of the options is Color.  
  4. Choose Transparent.  

The search results will now filter to images with transparent backgrounds (they look like they have a checkerboard behind them).

With this photo type you will have a picture of a meerkat (for example) that looks like the one on the left, not on the right.

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