Wednesday, 18 October 2017

#ProjectFlip - The Prototype Launch to an Audience

Our Google Hangout with Adam a& Joey
Today the learners in Ms Signer's class were at it again - and this time they launched their prototype to an audience. 

Based on my feedback in the practice launch the students finished their prototype and had rehearsed their 3-minute pitches.  They were ready to go and the energy in the room was clear.

Their audience included not only me, their classmates and their teacher, but also their principal and Joey and Adam from Flipgrid!

The Prototypes

Each group was invited up to the camera and pitched their idea to the crowd.  Ideas included twinkle lights, (still) lots of cardboard, and even an orca shaped idea!  They had done research about colours that motivate and the size of the box that would best fit the area of the room.  They even did some on the spot math to figure out fractions!  The showed their models and then they received feedback from the Flipgrid team as well as the principal and me.  I will say that their ideas are still VERY ambitious - as the ideas of 10 year olds often are - but their passion matches in strength.

After their pitches we took it to a vote. Each student voted for the model their felt they would want o build and work in in the class.  In the end their was a tie, and after conferring with the principal, they decided to combine the two ideas, plus some ideas of the second place prototype to make the best Flipgrid area they could. 

The final idea
The students realised that the ideas needed to iterate - and I love that since it is the essence of design thinking.  The students have the task of building - and I can't wait to see how the challenges they face in building further the iterations of their ideas.  So on to building phase and we start the cycle over again!


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