Monday 9 January 2017

Making a Bigger Impact & Having a Further Reach

By the nature of my role (Digital Literacy Resource Teacher) I have no choice but to have a high level of tech integration in my daily practice.  I have learned so much in terms of tech.  There are many days I cannot wait to get back into the classroom to give everything a try in a more traditional setting.  That said, I think I can still have an impact on students, and perhaps even more, with the reach I have on teachers in my district.

In my role I have nine high schools on my docket.  I have made a lot of connections with teachers, but, reflecting on the school year so far, and looking ahead, I think my reach can be further and deeper.  Here is my plan moving forward:
  1. Creation of Resources.  I do a lot of learning on a day to day basis that I share with teachers orally when we meet.  I think this could be more streamlined.  I am going to commit to making one rich resource a week.  I have already started this with these documents:
    1. HyperDoc Lesson Plan.  I have had this document for quite some time, but I wanted to add in links and such so people know the rich tech tools that are available to use in the HyperDoc cycle.  I did this a couple of days ago and I am really proud of it.
    2. How to do a Mystery Skype/Hangout.  I listened to @jmattmiller’s #DitchSummit talks over the last week of school before the winter break.  I was fascinated with the ease in which mystery Skype/Hangout connections can be made and I wanted to share this with others in a way that made them see how easy it is.
    3. #DYK (Did You Know) Webcasts.  I have started to create screencasts/webcasts with easy tech tips and explanations to useful tech tools.  I will host these on my YouTube channel.
  2. Sharing of Resources.  Once I have the resources created I need to share them more widely.  There are a few ways I have considered doing this.
    1. I have started a Google Classroom for teachers to join.  I will post any resource I create in there.  I figure many of our teachers are using classroom so it will be a site they visit daily already.  
    2. I am going to increase the number of webcasts I make and really grow my YouTube channel.
    3. I am going to tweet out resources to share with my PLN - be they in my district of not.
    4. I am toying with the idea of a podcast...I just need to hone in on a concrete focus.
I am a big believer in karma...and this sums up it up nicely.  

I can’t wait to see what I might get...and if not, at least I have a great documentation of my learning.

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