Wednesday 19 October 2016

As dicated by the Universe: My Manifesto

 I often find the universe sends me loud and clear messages about my learning path.  What I mean is that I will be haunted (for lack of a better word) by books or ideas.  I will be walking through Indigo and a book will catch my eye, the next day a friend will recommend the same book, that night the book will be referenced by someone in one of my Twitter PLNs.  Right now I am being haunted not by a book but by Manifestos.

I've seen books, heard podcasts, seen Pins, overheard conversations at baseball games (!) about writing a Manifesto.

So, I finally decided it is time for me to learn about, explore, and write my own manifesto. A quick Google search led me to the image to the right.  Turns out I have been carrying around a manifesto without even realising it.  I have about a dozen LuluLemon bags.  I love them.  They are the right size and sturdy.  I have also always loved their inspirational sayings.  I visited this life hack website which gave me more inspiration.  I think I am ready.  My mentor Mary Kooy often cites the Dutch proverb: What the heart is full of, the mouth runs over with.  That is where a true manifesto comes from.  I think a manifesto needs to be organic; it needs to come from your can't reflect for a while - it needs to be what your heart is full of. 

Here goes.

My Work(ing) Manifesto:

  1. Ask for Help
  2. You don't need to know all the answer.
  3. Don't Do.  Teach to empower.
  4. Learn & Laugh
  5. Take Risks
  6. Make Mistakes and learn from them
  7. Innovate - no matter how small (even though it is a big word)
  8. Listen
  9. Focus on the task at hand (see the value in monotasking)
  10. Don't overthink
  11. Take care of you.

I would like to thank Gretchen Ruben and Elizabeth Craft and Happier Podcast #87 for the final push to write this.

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