Thursday, 9 November 2017

F Iis for Flipgrid

#NaBloWriMo Day 6

If you follow me on Twitter, this one should come as no surprise.  I have a serious case of #FlipgridFever.  It all got started last spring when everyone started talking about it on my twitter feed.  I have been fully immersed since.  It is a great way to capture not inly students voice but anyone's voice.  It helps build community, give all participants a voice, and it is fun!

Flipgrid is a asynchronous video discussion platform used in classes from PreK to PhD, families, and organizations in more than 150 countries! All you need to do is create a Grid (that's your classroom or group), add Topics to spark the discussion, and your community builds a dialogue as they share short video responses.  These videos can be shared and grids can be password protected for privacy.

Learn more in this ebook by Sean Fahey & Karly Moura or in my Flipgrid slide deck.

As a company, Flipgrid really wows me.  They are so responsive to the feedback they receive from their users, constantly iterating to make the tools better and better for educators and students.  They have built up a strong community of ambassadors who collaborate and share. 

Some things to check out:

  • Topic Discovery Library - a bank of topics already created by teachers that you can use as a template for your own use.  It was just released last week but there is already GREAT stuff.
  • Webinars. Some great web based tutorials by Flipgrid Ambassadors from topics like uses to Appsmashing.
  • Explorer Series. In their explorer series, Flipgrid invite leading professionals to share their knowledge with grid participants.  Experts share information and students can pose questions to deepen understanding and engage in the topic.

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