Thursday, 2 November 2017

B is for Bitly

#NaBloWriMo 2

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If you know me you know I love and live in the GSuite.  I create everything from packing list to seminar resources to sketchnotes with Google apps.  But when it comes to sharing...those ridiculously long URLS are Out of Control!  Enter Bitly.  

Why Bitmoji of Jen GiffenBitly is a customizable URL shortening tool.  You can create shortened link without signing up BUT if you do sign up (using Facebook, Twitter or an email address - Hey Bitly peeps - why no Google?!) you can customize the URL.  I love the customization and I call on everyone to stop with the alphanumeric goobely gunk! - WHY?!?!  Is that a one or an I?  If it a zero of a capital O?  Moreover, and more importantly, they give those of use with a learning disability anxiety.  When I see a shortened URL like that I am constantly messing it up and then I am 3 slides behind the presenter and disengaged.  No good.  And if that is no good for me - a voracious adult learning, imagine how it is for a disinterested student!

Another advantage to creating the account is that your list is then saved so to know what the link was to that slide deck you created last month about "Marvelous Meerkats", just go to and all your links are listed there for you.

Bitly also keeps analytics for you - which is great for data lovers.  Amongst other things it will show you how many times the bitly has been used to access the file and on what date.  

It is a great tool...go check it out.

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