Monday, 6 November 2017

D is for docAppender

#NaDloWriMo Day 4

Today is another gem by New Visions Cloud Lab...docAppender.

Google Forms are a wonderful means to collect data...but reading results off a spreadsheet can be tedious.  docAppender appends Google Form question responses to the bottom of selected Google Docs.  (To avoid having to make a ton of copies manually...check out Alice Keeler's CopyDocs Script or you can do it with Autocrat - see my blog post A is for Autocrat.)

For my purposes I use docAppender to track observations about students in my class.  I can then share the single document with the student, his/her parents/guardian, and any other stakeholder in the student's academic life (SERT, ELL teachers, etc.).

Here is a full run though of using docAppender created by my colleague Trevor Krikst that I updated earlier this year.

Some tips:

  1. If your questions are not appearing when you run docAppender, hit the refresh button.  They should appear once you do this.  
  2. Make sure you format the Doc properly before you docAppend.  This is especially important for font size.  If you have a header that is 18pt font and don't change the body font size, the font size will remain that big throughout the entire Doc.  This applies for fonts size, type, and colour.
  3. Need to know which view to pick?  Here is what they each look like.  WARNING: there is a glitch and the timestamp will no show up if you pick Rows in a Separate Horizontal Table.
  4. If you plan on having a “File Upload” if will not docAppend at this time.  The “file”  will just be an alphanumeric string.  
  5. How you name the files you create to Append to is how they will appear as a question in your form.  Also this will be the order they will be in your Drive.  If you want them arranged alphabetically by last name you must name the file: Last Name, First Name
  6. Stuck?  Visit the docAppender G+ community.  It is very helpful and VERY responsive.

Need a visual?  Here is a video explaining how you can use Autocrat and docAppender.

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