Sunday, 5 November 2017

C is for Canva

#NaBloWriMo 3

People are drawn to things that are aesthetically was what initially drew me into HyperDocs (stay tuned for day 8!!).  The problem is we are not all graphic designers.  Enter Canva.  A mostly free, amazingly simple graphic design software.  Its drag and drop interface is easy to use for people of all ages.  I love the versatility of the tool - especially for education. 

How can you use Canva with your students?

  • Create infographics.  A few years back I tweaked a bunch of essay assignments and had students create infographics instead.  
  • Social Media posts.  This can be for a post itself or for branding of a social media account as the program offers design templates for many SoMe platforms.   I have used it as a tool to advertise session I am presenting at conferences.
  • Ignite talks. Canva can be use to create beautiful slides.  
  • Magazines and Book cover creation is a cinch.  
  • Gamification.  Are you thinking of gamifying your class?  Use Canva to create badges.
  • Personalize Google Keep.  Kasey Bell has a great blog post about using Canva to personalize Google Keep.    
Canva also offers a mini design school of sorts with tutorials within the program, allowing users to learn more about design in terms of fonts, images, layouts, and branding among other areas.  Moreover, there is a bank of lessons for teachers to engage students in rich learning while tapping in to their creative spirit.  There is even a collaboration feature so students can create in groups.

It is definitely my go to creation tool when I need a visual.

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