Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Giving Google Feedback

I did some training today around GSuite for Education.   I gave the delegates some advice that I thought I would share more globally.

From what I have heard, google puts most of its money into R&D, leaving support to be crowd sourced.  While I sometimes find this frustrating, I do love how Google is constantly improving their products based on feedback from their users.

Last year I was frustrated that I couldn't schedule posts in Google Classroom.  I started sending feedback every time this annoyed me by pushing the little question mark icon (in the bottom left hand corner).  Low and behold, soon after scheduling was added.  The same thing happened with parental communication and viewing in Classroom.  Same thing for tagging topics (although that one could still use some work).

I now use that little check mark (or Help --> Report a Problem) every time I see something I want improved, and I really encouragee you to do the same.

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