Workshop Resources

Tell Me a Story - Digital Storytelling using Google Docs and/or Slides 
How to use YouTube Live - A how to guide

Automate with Autocrat Automate the creation and sharing of personalized documents  
Paperless Assessment - Making assessment digital
OMGoogle Where Do I Start?  - An intro to Google
How to...Google Classroom - A how to guide 
The Paperless Rubric - Digitize rubrics & feedback

#FlipgridFever - An Intro to Flipgrid

Flipgrid for the Camera Shy - Appsmashing to find ways to use Flipgrid for those who don't want to be on camera

Why Not Ask for An Extension? - Some of my favourite Chrome extensions

Birthday Breakout - A digital breakoutEDU

Pimp My Drive Demo Slam & video - Add icons and emojis to your Google Drive

Unlocking the Small Powers of Google Sheets- Cool things to do with Google Sheets

What's the Hyper with HyperDocs - A HyperDocs how-to

Sketchnoting 101- A sketchnoting primer

Become a GSuite Wizard - A differentiated look at GSuite apps

Google Tips & Tricks - A look at lesser know GSuite capabilities.

How to Use FormMule - Form Mule is a mail merging add-on for Google Sheets

Using docAppender - docAppender appends data collected from a Google Form to the bottom of a predetermined Google Doc

How to Run a Mystery Skype/Mystery Hangout - A how to guide.

HyperDocs Lesson Template - Links to possible tech tools to support Hyperdocs

Screencastify Hyperdoc - A guide to using screencastify