VoicEd.ca Radio

VoicEd.ca is "changing the way we talk about Education in Canada".  This on-line radio station is the passion project of Stephen Hurley.  It is a place where Canadian educators come together to and share podcasts, interviews, music, rants, and all sort of other rich discussions.

Look for me on VoicEd Radio!  The schedule is still very fluid but you can find a schedule on the website.

My Shows/Involvement

  1. Virtual Teacher Book Club on AirIn February 2017, I started a virtual teacher book club.  With a rolling group of participants, teachers chat on Voxer and other media about the book being read.  Once a week those who are available meet on a Google Hangout  for live discussion - this podcast is those conversations.
  2. #ONedMentors - frequent participant
    Passionate educators connect weekly with teacher candidates, address their questions and explore their perspectives as they prepare to enter the profession.
  3. EduRants - contributor
    As teachers, we have these little thoughts all the time.  We reflect on the day, a technique, a concept, maybe a paradigm.  voicEd Radio is all about hearing your voice, and this is how our new show is going to help.  EduRants, are just that, a quick rant about education, from educators.  This is your time to reflect, what have you been thinking about lately in class, what epiphany has recently happened, what is important to you? Any one can take part!  Check out how.
  4. Chasing Squirrels - (Episode 1)
    Changes in education happen frequently. Listen as educator Chris Cluff explores the challenges a change in education and dives deep into the tools and rules educators use to thrive.

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